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essential oil from lemon balm

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Melissa officinalis

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is perennial herb plant from the family Labiates, that grows in South Europe and Mediterranean. Known from the long past as valuable essential oil and a healing plant and has wide geographical range.

Good climate and fertility, rich of humus soil, makes easier growing and cultivating of lemon balm, which is a good reason our country to be the second exporter in Europe of a high quality healing herb.

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Our country Bulgaria is rich in herbs and has its traditions in collecting and cultivation of medicinal plants. That's why they are well valueded abroad. Our country has favorable climate, helps to cultivate the culture lemon balm.


The fragrant culture Еssential Oil is grown in village Ovcha mogila,which is situated in the central part of Danube plain land. Our fields are sown with lemon balm from which we produce essential oil. Seeding , growing and getting the crop passes the different stages of work, that needs everyday people’s interference .


Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a perennial grass from the lamiaceae family that grows in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. Known as a valuable essential oil and a herb with wide geographic range.

The excellent climate and the fertile rich in humus soils in Bulgaria make the cultivation very easy which is a good premise for our country to be the second largest exporter in Europe of the herb.


The wide usage of the lemon balm in pharmacy is due to its healing powers, contained in its composition: essential oil from citral, citronelol, myrcene, geraniol substances. It is used to cure functional disorders of the nervous system, digestion and cardiovascular diseases.

Cosmetics and…

The essential oil extract is yielded using cold pressing of the leaves of the plants. It has cooling, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Because of it’s properties the extract is used in many cosmetic products.

маточина - съхранение и транспорт
Storage and

The Melissa oil is stored in metal containers, closed hermetically, which helps to preserve its qualities. The clients receive the wanted product personally or via courier company.

маточина - ангажимент и качество
Commitment for

Essential Oil has certificate of analysis corresponding to all requirements of a directive 76/768/ЕЕС for the produced yield which reaches to every client.

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Essential Oil Bulgaria

Essential Oil is a company with long years of experience in the field of agriculture and the agricultural products trade. Over the years we managed to find our loyal and trusted partners, with which we keep correct relations.


Еssential Oil deals with growing lemon balm and getting essential oil from the fragrant culture. The firm is managed by Dobromir Gatev – agriculturist with long term experience in agriculture and trading with agricultural products , and Ognian Georgiev- strictly managing sales department of the company. The team of the firm pays a big attention on the high quality, purity and efficiency of the product which proposes on the market.The oil,we produce, is bought for export, mainly for France, Germany and the USA.