Application Lemon balm application in


Lemon balm enters in preparation of medicines.

At acceptance the breathing slows, the cardiovascular rhythm problems vanish and blood pressure decreases.

Forms of application

маточина под хормата на чай


In the treatment of :

Cancer of thyroid;

rheumatism (anti inflammatory joint effect);

digestive problems (irritation ) bottom part of the colon, spastic bowel and enteritis, at biliary dyskinesia, stones in the bile;

herpes type I and II.

маточина под формата на тинктура


In the treatment of:

menstrual problems;

problems with nervous system (long term against Alzheimer’s);


Mental anorexia.

Ways of application

As a gargle

Or mouth water – in the case of toothache and sore throat.


In the treatment of boil , insect biting ,stings, tumor, wounds.

Lemon balm oil

Application in the treatment of all kinds of bacterial, fungal and eczema infections because of its antiseptic properties.


With it relieves arthritic and rheumatic pains.

In aromatherapy

Lemon balm oil applies to depression.

Put in the aromatherapy lamp

Helps to strong nervous tension, fear neuroses, insomnia, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, menopause problems, throat infections.

Еffect after reception

Nervous system

Alzheimer’s decease, syndrome of lack of attention and hyper- activity, depression, hysteria, insomnia, melancholy, migraine, nervous tension, boost memory, in stressful conditions, cardiac neuroses

Cooperate for stopping tachycardia and pains in the heart.

Cardiovascular system

tones blood vessels;

women’s conditions

purify womb after abortion (especially in combination with basil), expel placenta (at birth), nausea and dizziness during the pregnancy, menstrual pains, cause menstruation;

digestive system

gases, swelling, improve appetite, bad digestion,nausea and vomiting, dyspepsia, nervous stomach, relive digestive system spasms;

endocrine system-hyperthyroidism;

inflammatory deceases - qatar;

respiratory system

some forms of asthma, chronic bronchial qatar, cold, a flue;

virus and bacterial decease

herpes on the upper lip, genital herpes, destroy bacteria, HIV-virus;


comfort muscle spasms, cause sweating, in fever, headache, stiff tissue, boils;

participates in the composition of laxative and anti colitis teas;

sedative effect, comfort heart beating on the nervous bases, nervous disturbances as headache, discomfort, insomnia and other neurasthenia.

А) Cosmetic products

Face - t is used in the composition of different cleaning lotions, tonics, creams and masks for fat and problem skin. The lemon balm cleans perfectly enlarged pores.It fights successfully with acne, pustular rash, infiltrates and different skin problems. Disinfects skin and controls fat sebum.

Improves skin elasticity and tones it.

Lips balsam - Lemon balm oil perfectly takes care of chapped and peeling lips.

Products for hair, shampoos, conditioners and masks for thin and fat hair. - Removes dandruf, ointment and recovers the glow of the hair.

Body products - Involved in the composition of cosmetics, intended for using in bath as shower gels and some soaps.


It is used as an ingredient in producing:

Ice cream

Herb tea


bowles and liqueurs

fruit dishes and candies

fish products

lemon pesto

better and healthier preservatives in sausages

C) Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine uses lemon balm at:

- neurosis

- neurasthenia

- migraine

- sexual excitement

- digestive disorders from neurogenic origin

- at high blood pressure

- dizziness

- irregular menstruation